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In 2007, our team won the Rookie All-Star Award at the Grand Valley State University Regional sending us to the National Competition.  Nationals that year was in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia.

At Nationals, we made it the farthest of any rookie team, giving us the Highest Rookie Seed award.


The Game:

The 2007 game was Rack n' Roll.

The Robot:

We designed our robot to be able to pick up tubes from the ground with a unique grabber design. It was then able to place the inner tubes all three levels of the rack.  We were also able to remove the opponents tubes with our grabber.  Our robot was able to fit onto most alliance team's robot's ramps at the end of the game.

We had a fully functioning autonomous mode that was capable of scoring.  Our team was small, but we were able to produce a simple robot that excelled in matches and helped us make it to the National Competiton.

Please visit the Photos and Video pages to get a better view of our rookie robot!