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At Flint, we won the Judge's Award.

At West Michigan, we were the winners of the entire District with teams 1243 and 3357.

Winning a District in Michigan allows you to compete at the State Competition.


The Game:

The 2010 game was Breakaway. 


The Robot:

We designed our robot to go under the tunnel, instead of over.  Thus, our robot was very sturdy and unable to push around or tip over.  We had one very powerful kicker on the side of our robot.  Because we utilized "crab drive", there was no "front" to our robot and we were able to maneuver around very easily to score.

Since we are Vikings, our robot had a sail.  This sail was deployed when we need to switch from offense to defense quickly.  With the sail we were able to block opponents from scoring. 

Our robot was very versatile, such that we were able to play efficiently in all three zones.  We also were capable of changing our autonomous mode so that we could start in any zone.  Our autonomous could score from any zone, most impressively, we scored all three balls from the farthest zone.


Please go to the Photos and Videos to see our winning robot!