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The Game:

The 2015 game is "Recycle Rush". Watch the game animation for more details:

Recycle Rush

"Recycle Rush" is played with two alliances of three robots on each side of the field. The objective for the robots is to be able to pick up and stack totes and recycle cans that are on the field. Pool noodles that are on the field are "litter", and the robots can either pick up the litter and put it in the recycle bins worth 6 points or put it in the landfill zone worth 1 point. When the last 20 seconds come around at the end of the game, robots have an opportunity to cooperate with the other alliance to stack the yellow totes on the middle step to earn cooperation points.  

Autonomous Mode:



Kentwood District Winner

Excellence in Engineering-Kentwood

Escanaba District Winner

Innovation in Controls-Escanaba

Innovation in Controls-World Championship
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