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The Game: 

The 2016 game is "Stronghold". Watch the game animation for more details.

First Stronghold

FIRST Stronghold is played with two alliances of three robots, with each alliance starting in one side of the field. Stronghold has three key scoring elements-defenses, tower goals, and challenges. Defenses can be scored upon by simply crossing over them with your robot-but the defenses include things such as a gate that must be lifted, a set of 4 alternating planks that must be pushed down, and a "drawbridge" that must be opened, so crossing over them is not so simple. There are 9 defenses in total. Tower goals are another scoring method. Shooting the "boulder" (a dodgeball) into a high goal 6'4" off of the ground is worth 5 points, and pushing the boulder into a low goal on the ground is worth 2 (both of these must be done into the opposite alliance's tower). Lastly, challenges are performed by coming to rest at the end of the match at the bottom of a "fallen" tower-towers are "fell" by scoring 8 boulders into it. 


West Michigan District: Finalists + Industrial Design Award (#1 alliance)

Kentwood District: Industrial Design Award

World Championship: Creativity Award Tesla/Archimedes Division

Kettering offseason event: Member of the #7 alliance

WMRI: Semifinalists

All-Girls Competition: Finalists

Thank you to all of our sponsers for a great year!

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